Head Office / Durban

This project was in collaboration with The Hardy Boys.

RCL Foods let us loose in their new building and allowed us to create all of the bespoke art installations, counter fronts and directional signage through out the building.

Being inspired by elements used to transport food, make food and utensils to serve food.

We constructed the reception counter with timber food crates creating display panels to showcase some of RCL food products and stencilled interesting facts about company onto the timber crates.

We created triple volume artworks in the shape of giant serving spoons out of hand painted canvases.

We hand painted a mural onto 120 enamel dinner plates, clad other counters with plastic crates and reclaimed slatted timber.

Lastly and the item that challenged us beyond measure was the company manifesto: "Do Things That Can't Be Done". For this piece we used 100 000 timber spoons, hand dyed and hand stapled to floating panels that hung in each of the main boardrooms and can be viewed from each level within the building.